This class focuses on the strength imbalances between the right and left sides of the body required to produce a successful golf swing.  Additionally, exercises designed to improve balance and rotation will play a major role in this sport specific class.  Because golf tends to favor each side of the body for different functions, this class will also focus on flexibility exercises to help alleviate muscle tightness associated with the sport.


Plyometrics are exercises designed to help improve overall power.  Athletes that benefit from plyometric exercises are basketball players, volleyball players, skiers, dancers, and anyone that participates in activities that require “airtime”.  Plyometric programs are fun, fast-paced, high intensity sessions.  I encourage anyone interested in finding out just what they are made of and pushing themselves farther than ever before to try this unique class.


This seasonal class prepares both the novice and experienced skier for the slopes.  This class is designed to improve lower body muscular strength and endurance.  Strength, endurance, interval and plyometric exercises are incorporated to help prepare each individual for all types of terrain and conditions.  Additionally, abdominal and low back strength and stability exercises will be included to promote balance and postural strength. 


This class is specifically designed to improve swimming, running and biking.  Exercises for each sport are incorporated into each session as well as interval training on the bike.  This class will improve muscular endurance and help decrease the onset of fatigue.  If your want to improve upon your performance, sport specific strength training is a must. 


Resistance training is an integral part of any exercise program whether you wish to lose weight, build muscle, or simply tone up.  No matter what your goals are, everyone has to start someplace and this beginning strength class will help you develop a foundation to build on.  This class is designed with the novice exerciser in mind and will help you get started without risk of injury and teach you some basic theory and programming options. 


Interval training involves periods of high intensity activity followed by short periods of rest in between.  It is used to enhance cardiovascular fitness and function.  This class is designed as a high intensity session that promotes cardiovascular fitness as well as weight loss with minimal risk of burn-out.  This is an opportunity  to push yourself past your normal limits in a fun and friendly environment. 


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